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Renegade Wrap Up

Jackie Thomson

loomroom-renegade craft

So Renegade has come and gone, and I've got to say it was a really good time! I met a lot of wonderful artisans and got to spend 2 days kicking it with my awesome booth mate Nikki of Beach Bones Jewelry. Plus our booth looked so good! don't you think!? It rained SO HARD on Saturday, but Portland still showed up and gave us tons of love. I'm really proud that all of my marathon weaving sessions leading up to the event got such a warm response.

I'm off for a much needed vacation, but when I return I've got a couple of projects and collaborations already in the works. The end of 2015 is going to be exciting!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out!

Tote Bags

Jackie Thomson


I made these ice cream color gradient tote bags special for the fair! They're going to be free for purchases over $50, and are perfect for carrying around your newly purchased LOOM ROOM goods! See you there!


Jackie Thomson


I'm so excited to be able to share with you some of the great press circulating around town in anticipation of Renegade this weekend. The amazing folks at Renegade did a Maker Spotlight on LOOM ROOM! Read the full thing here.

The Portland Mercury, one of the sponsors of the show, also did a great round up of crafters to get the word out, and LOOM ROOM was among the featured artists! Check out the story here.

One thing's for sure, it's going to be a busy weekend! If you come to the fair, please say hello and introduce yourself, I'd love to meet you!

Renegade Sneak Peek

Jackie Thomson


Renegade Craft Fair is just around the corner. I've got a bunch of smaller weavings I made special for the fair so that it's not all big rugs. I've got coasters / tiny rugs / rugs for your drinks (top) and some table rugs that are a perfect size for a dresser / coffee table / vanity (bottom) that are going to be at the show this weekend.

If you're in Portland please stop by, I'm booth #16, right across from the Bar and Info Booth! SE 6th and SE Salmon, right around the corner from the Rejuvenation building. I'll be there from 11-6 Saturday and Sunday (the 25th and 26th). Check out the full vendor list here

Summer 2015 Rug Collection - Sneak Peek

Jackie Thomson


Meet the two full sized rugs in the Summer 2015 Collection!

TOP: The Hawthorne Rug

BOTTOM: The Tabor Summer (in Orange)

These will be debuting officially in July with the rest of the collection but for now, a sneak peek for you! It was gorgeous out last week, and my peony bushes are in full bloom, so I thought I'd take some outdoor pictures to share.

It's been extremely busy here the past few weeks, lots of weaving, lots of finishing, and a little bit of problem solving. Loom Room Studio headquarters is in the attic of my house, and when it gets hot out it gets HOT upstairs. I had all these grand plans to install a window A/C and even found one that I thought would fit the window, but when we went to install it we discovered that we couldn't remove or open the bottom window pane without cutting a huge hole in our house, which is not an option. For now there's a fan situation that is reinforced with washi tape......which is completely ridiculous, but it's what I had on hand. We'll see how the coming weeks go, but for now it's alright with some minor changes in working hours. Mid afternoon is now exclusively for drinking iced coffee in the yard.

If you don't already follow me on instagram, that's a great place to see more updates on the Summer 2015 collection in progress. (@jackieloves_waffles)

Studio Days

Jackie Thomson


I went up to Seattle last weekend and visited The Weaving Works which was awesome! There is not a weaving supply shop in Portland (yet) and I'm always ordering everything on the internet because of it. I stocked up on extra bobbins and carpet warp and even got a few colors I probably wouldn't have chosen without seeing them in person. I'm already 2 rugs into my 4 rug warp I measured out last week and am moving forward at super speed getting ready for Renegade in July.


Work desk is a mess. Sewing has been temporarily put on hold, but the rest of the loom room is looking just as messy and full of projects, which in my opinion is the best way it can be....not that I don't like a clean studio, but sometimes seeing everything in progress is just far too satisfying.
 (and yes, that is a nintendo on there...cause sometimes I need a quick break)

Renegade Portland!

Jackie Thomson


LOOM ROOM is going to Renegade Portland! I'm so very excited to be a part of Renegade this year, there's always so many amazing artists and artisans and I feel very lucky to be included in the sure to be great group of Portland creatives who are showing. I'll do a full update closer to the date but for now, mark July 25th and 26th on your calendar, it's going to be great!

Above is the first set of smaller table textile rugs off the loom as of this weekend. I'll be bringing everything from coaster size hand wovens, to large rugs!

Tiny Rugs

Jackie Thomson


This is the part that looks like it's a huge mess, but in fact it's actually super organized! I'm tying on for a set of tiny rugs. They're going to be about 11" wide by 16"long.


Tiny rugs in progress! I'm trying to come up with a better name for them. So far I have Tiny Table Textiles, or Mini Rugs. Suggestions are welcome! I've warped on for about 7 for the first run. I have a notebook FULL of designs, I'm just trying to decide which ones to make based on the rug wool that I have stocked right now.

Step by Step: Finishing a Rug with Fringe

Jackie Thomson

I thought as part of a new series, Step by Step, I'd show you all a little of what goes in to finishing weaving pieces. First up today is finishing a rug with fringe. I alternate between finishing my rugs with a clean sewn under hem and doing fringe. I always decide ahead of time as it influences how much warp I need to measure out, but I decide based on the design of the rug. This rug that I just took off the loom (Rug No.11) is going to get the twisted fringe treatment.


Step 1: In the very beginning and at the end, hemstitch. This keeps the first and last few rows of weaving tightly in tact and completely finishes the edge. Technically you do not need to do this if you're going to twist the fringe afterwards, but I like to keep my ends as tidy as possible so I usually hemstitch anyways. If I'm leaving fringe and not twisting it, this is my preferred method of finishing over doing knots.


Step 2: cut the rug off the loom, leaving ample length of warp ends to make twisting the fringe easier.

(The little pieces of wool sticking out of the designs are where I tucked back in my ends when changing colors, they all get trimmed off in the finishing process as well - just in case you were wondering!)


Step 3: Twist and trim the fringe. I've decided to keep the ends on this one fairly long, but this is the stage where I would decide whether or not to shorten the fringe, or do shorter twists. It usually takes me a few hours to twist all the fringe on a rug of this width (30"wide).

Finishing always takes more time than I think it does, but it's so worth it and really makes the piece feel done.

Side note: I somehow got off on my rug numbering on the site, I had two Rug No.6's, I've gone back through the Textiles tab and updated the names, but previous blog posts may have incorrect numbers listed. Oops!

Sewing a Summer Wardrobe

Jackie Thomson

 Front to Back: crop tank in cotton voile, Wiksten tank in cotton voile, Wiksten tank in chambray, Wiksten dress in cotton!

Front to Back: crop tank in cotton voile, Wiksten tank in cotton voile, Wiksten tank in chambray, Wiksten dress in cotton!


Technically it's only spring, but spring has sprung here in Portland and it's been HOT (Hot for Portland....) so I've started sewing up a bunch of summer tops. I should preface this by saying, I am new to sewing, these are my first 4 garments ever, and I am so proud of how they turned out! All fabrics are from Bolt here in Portland. The front zig zag tank is a Butterick pattern (No. 5948) which sewed up sooo nicely! I learned how to do the bias tape arm holes and neck bindings from the previous 3 garments which are all variations of Wiksten's Tank and Dress pattern. I have to say, Jenny's instructions are what made it possible for me to make it this far without getting super frustrated. When I started the Butterick pattern, I was really really glad I had been walked through basics from the Wiksten pattern first. I think the commercial patterns, even the ones marked easy, or beginner, assume you know a LOT about sewing already.

Next up is learning how to do sleeves, because I really probably don't need a summer wardrobe of exclusively tank tops, no matter how fun they are! As of this morning I've cut out pattern pieces for a cute long sleeved pullover using that same Butterick pattern ( it has like 6 different tops in it- pretty awesome).

Rug Life and New Projects

Jackie Thomson


Rug Life! Fresh off the loom. I'm particularly fond of this one, I've been trying to incorporate more black and white in my newer designs and I really like how this one balances out. I have a second large rug (same size as this one ~ 29"x49") on the loom that is more blues and aquas that should be all finished up later this week.

A few of you have inquired about smaller rugs, or table textiles which I have been working on designs for over the past few weeks and am ready to start once the rug that's in progress now is off the loom. I'm gearing up to be able to stock the shop with a selection of smaller textiles at a lower price point, in addition to a few larger rugs. Most of the larger rugs that I've made recently were commissions, so I haven't had too much available to put in my Etsy.

I'll update here when there's more to share!

Tara's Rug in Action

Jackie Thomson

The HUGE rug in the wild! Tara (left) commissioned this rug and it's now off to a good place in her home. We thought we'd show it off outside before it traveled onward.

Around Here Lately

Jackie Thomson

This is usually what the studio looks like. All the projects in process at once, warping on for 2 pretty large rugs, ironing new fabrics, planning projects and cleaning up the yarn stash.

I've been doing things to fix up our house too. Planted some daisies on the porch a few weeks ago, got a new doormat and planted up all the herbs in the back yard from the seed packets my brother gave me last year.

Color schemes for the new rugs I'm warping on right now.

I Heart the Golden Girls is BACK!

Jackie Thomson

Remember these ladies!? The I Heart the Golden Girls Zine is long since sold out, so I decided to do a reprinting of the postcards. They're a great gift for a friend and are great for framing as individual prints too. They're up in my Etsy for a limited time!

Sewing Summer

Jackie Thomson

New fabric haul from Bolt Fabrics here in Portland (off of Alberta)! They had their once yearly sale this weekend so I went and got a bunch of new fabrics to keep me busy for the next few months. It's shaping up to be a good summer for sewing! I've made a dress (progress shot below) and a chambray tank from the Wiksten Tank Pattern which sews up so nice and so cute. My goal is to make a new summer wardrobe by fitting in a handful of sewn garments to my normal clothes. Up next for the fabrics above are another tank dress, a crop top tank top to go with my high waisted shorts, and a long flowy tank with a pocket.

Bird dress in progress! I'm actually wearing it right now as I type this, it turned out great and is the perfect summer dress for the 80 degree spring day we're having right now.

Rug No.8

Jackie Thomson

The newest rug off the loom, a custom commission, is the biggest yet! Full loom width with a final measurement of 32"x70".

Huge Site Update and New Projects

Jackie Thomson

It's been a long time coming, but I overhauled the site this weekend! I have a new weaving up including this HUGE rug folded on the loom up there. The big update is the content - I was having a hard time with having my weaving work separate from my illustration work so I updated this site to have all of my creative work in one place, illustrations, textiles, and weaving.

New URL:

Please update your bookmarks!

Have a look around and let me know what you think, I have some new illustration work up on that tab as well as an updated About page and new posts here on the blog.

Next up is a non rug project using this amazing warp below.


I'm making a bunch of small weavings that are perfect on a dresser to put perfumes, plants, and all the other fun things we all keep on top of our furniture. There are some great bright colors coming for the pattern so stay tuned for finished weavings, they'll be up in the shop when I'm all finished.

The other big update is that there's a new mini book and series of prints in the works! Kind of a mash up of illustration and weaving in the form of weaving drawings!

Winter 2014 Rug Pair No.06 and No.07

Jackie Thomson

I just took this pair of smaller rugs off the loom this weekend. They're pretty much spot on to matching each other except for a few color differences, the first one has a brighter red and a lighter grey, and the second has a deeper red and a darker grey interchanged. They measure 22"x32" and are finished with a fringe! I've been calling these my large doormat size as they'd be perfect for the entrance to a home or in front of a dresser. They're both posted up in the shop and are ready to find new homes. As always they're 100% Wool sourced in the USA, made with love and care by me here at Loom Room Headquarters in Portland!

In other random news, I finally got a work table for up in the loom room and it has revolutionized my studio time. Which sounds like an exaggeration, but's awesome to not hunch over a nightstand to hem and type and edit photos and plan out projects. Best improvement yet!

I hope you all are enjoying the beginning of winter!


Baby Blankets

Jackie Thomson

A pair of baby blankets on the loom (above)

Since these are out to their new homes, it's safe to put photos up. I have 2 friends having baby girls pretty soon so I've been working on this pair of super plush and soft baby blankets. They're Cotton and Acrylic so they're completely machine wash and dry friendly. They measure 30"x30"