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Spring is here & the making of the loom room

Jackie Thomson

our house

Spring is here in Portland! This is the magnolia tree outside our house which has just started to get it's blooms and kind of reminds me that all is well. Cameron and I bought a house this winter, which was a HUGE life step, and also a big eye opener. I always thought we were pretty handy people, but it's very different when it's all yours, versus renting. We've had some major house projects and plumbing projects for the past few months, but once they were finished it seemed time to do a house project that improves our space, instead of just fixing broken things.

One of the things about this house that I love is that it has a partially finished attic, the loom room now, which has short ceilings so Cam can't really walk around up there, but I seem to fit a-ok. The floors when we first got here were just really thin plywood, to the point where the floor kind of bends when you stand on it. Not good. So my first project was to put in a new plywood floor before bringing the loom up.

loom room before

This is the very messy before picture.

loom room floor after

It's all sturdy and smooth now! It's a super old house, built in 1900, which I love. But, it does mean that pretty much nothing is square. The saga of putting in the floor involves a lot of blood sweat and tears, but all in all, I think it is perfect now that it's in.

Sometimes, especially in blogs, things seem like they started out the way we see them now, so I thought I would share a little of the process, the behind the scenes, of what went into getting the loom room ready for weaving. It's all a process, but I think it turned out pretty great.