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Navajo Rug Wool & Sick Days

Jackie Thomson

loom room rug yarn

I put in a big order for rug wool a few weeks ago and it has arrived! I have a lot of winding in my immediate future. I have some bits of cream and blue left from my last set of rugs, but just odds and ends. I've also just come to realize (read: I've been told, but was way too stubborn to really hear it) that since the loom room is up in the attic, which is basically not insulated, it's H.O.T. up there. Today was the first really hot day in Portland so far this season and when I got home from work it was like a super toasty sauna. I'm definitely going to have to figure out a fan situation soon, like this week, like maybe tomorrow.

square scarf p1
soul pancake

Earlier this week I came down with a really bad cold and had to stay home on Monday. But, silver lining, cold medicine does make you feel better for a little while anyways, and while I usually don't like taking that stuff, it made all the difference. I got up and did a bunch of slow but steady progress of the pair of square scarves while watching pretty much all of the Metaphysical Milkshake series of videos for Soul Pancake up on YouTube. If you haven't seen them you should check them out here! I got the Soul Pancake book a few years ago because I have an illustration page in it. I always thought it was cool but I kind of forgot they had videos. These definitely made my week, they're so inspiring and fun.