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Huge Site Update and New Projects

Jackie Thomson

It's been a long time coming, but I overhauled the site this weekend! I have a new weaving up including this HUGE rug folded on the loom up there. The big update is the content - I was having a hard time with having my weaving work separate from my illustration work so I updated this site to have all of my creative work in one place, illustrations, textiles, and weaving.

New URL:

Please update your bookmarks!

Have a look around and let me know what you think, I have some new illustration work up on that tab as well as an updated About page and new posts here on the blog.

Next up is a non rug project using this amazing warp below.


I'm making a bunch of small weavings that are perfect on a dresser to put perfumes, plants, and all the other fun things we all keep on top of our furniture. There are some great bright colors coming for the pattern so stay tuned for finished weavings, they'll be up in the shop when I'm all finished.

The other big update is that there's a new mini book and series of prints in the works! Kind of a mash up of illustration and weaving in the form of weaving drawings!