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Studio Days

Jackie Thomson


I went up to Seattle last weekend and visited The Weaving Works which was awesome! There is not a weaving supply shop in Portland (yet) and I'm always ordering everything on the internet because of it. I stocked up on extra bobbins and carpet warp and even got a few colors I probably wouldn't have chosen without seeing them in person. I'm already 2 rugs into my 4 rug warp I measured out last week and am moving forward at super speed getting ready for Renegade in July.


Work desk is a mess. Sewing has been temporarily put on hold, but the rest of the loom room is looking just as messy and full of projects, which in my opinion is the best way it can be....not that I don't like a clean studio, but sometimes seeing everything in progress is just far too satisfying.
 (and yes, that is a nintendo on there...cause sometimes I need a quick break)