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Summer 2015 Rug Collection - Sneak Peek

Jackie Thomson


Meet the two full sized rugs in the Summer 2015 Collection!

TOP: The Hawthorne Rug

BOTTOM: The Tabor Summer (in Orange)

These will be debuting officially in July with the rest of the collection but for now, a sneak peek for you! It was gorgeous out last week, and my peony bushes are in full bloom, so I thought I'd take some outdoor pictures to share.

It's been extremely busy here the past few weeks, lots of weaving, lots of finishing, and a little bit of problem solving. Loom Room Studio headquarters is in the attic of my house, and when it gets hot out it gets HOT upstairs. I had all these grand plans to install a window A/C and even found one that I thought would fit the window, but when we went to install it we discovered that we couldn't remove or open the bottom window pane without cutting a huge hole in our house, which is not an option. For now there's a fan situation that is reinforced with washi tape......which is completely ridiculous, but it's what I had on hand. We'll see how the coming weeks go, but for now it's alright with some minor changes in working hours. Mid afternoon is now exclusively for drinking iced coffee in the yard.

If you don't already follow me on instagram, that's a great place to see more updates on the Summer 2015 collection in progress. (@jackieloves_waffles)